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Where can I find heaven on earth?

How an evangelical Protestant’s search for more of Jesus led her to the last place she ever expected to find him: the Roman Catholic Church

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Coming Out Catholic: One Year Later

The first floor of the parish’s faith center was a blend of classroom and living room: sterile but inviting. The couches circling the space alternated in hues of rust and fern and eggplant, softening the effect of the fluorescent lights and tile floors. A folding table set up against the wall was spread with bagged…

How a Protestant Started Praying the Rosary

I’ve been praying the rosary longer than I’ve been a Catholic (yes, you read that right). But often it’s still beyond my comfort zone to pray to the Blessed Mother, especially with as many Hail Marys as there are in a rosary. So, how did I start praying this prayer treasured by millions of Catholics…

How I Almost Didn’t Become Catholic (the First Time): Part 2

No sooner had I recognized my desire to become Catholic than I became convinced I never could. At mass on Epiphany of 2020, I had resolved to trust the Lord and pursue this desire; but the joy of Sunday gave way to Monday’s reality. For as long as I could remember, I had been an…

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